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Silence is for the Lambs

George R. R. Martin is known for a slow writing pace, clocking in at six books in 28 years. The Postal Marine Series is competing at two books in 14 years. At the same time, Randy Ingermanson talked about writing an alternative history series for years without any sign of life until April. His Crown of Thorns series finally launched in April 2020.

A Decade of Decadent Shaving

After reading a “modern razor” advertising disguised as a blog post, I realized I have had a decade of shaving the “old-fashioned way.” My shaving experience costs me about 45 cents per week including razor blades, shaving soap and after shave—saving $70-200 each year and enjoying an excellent shaving experience.

Strange Things Afoot

By way of a general update, I thought I should probably explain some of the odder changes on the website.

Breaking the Silence

After a few hard months, I’m back in business. I thought it would be appropriate for me to break the silence a bit.