Diceware is used to create cryptographically strong passphrases. It is based on the principle that the truly random selection, based on rolls of dice, of words in a wordlist can result in easily memorable passwords that are also extremely resistant to attack by even the most powerful adversaries. Passwords that are six words or longer are thought to be safe for high security applications.

Manually Rolled Words

If you don't trust the Javascript randomization, you can roll your own. Just roll 5d6 to arrive at a number in the range of 11111 to 66666. Type that number into the text field below and hit enter.


Automatically Generated Words

Selecting one of these buttons will automatically generate the number of words selected.

Copyable Text Variations


    There are words in your password, which is ~ bits of entropy (~12.92 bits/word and ~5.16/symbol). That many words equates to an effective keyspace of ~ possible keys ( (7776^words)/2 which is 50% of the total key space since on average a key will be found in that reduced keyspace). Conservatively assuming an adversary can guess passwords at the rate of a trillion () keys/second. An exhaustive brute-force search on half the total keyspace might take:

    • ~ seconds
    • ~ minutes
    • ~ hours
    • ~ days
    • ~ years
    • ~ x avg. lifespan
    • ~ millenia
    • ~ x age Universe
    Learn more about calculating entropy