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Ben Wilson

Heartbeat: March 2022 Happy Spring!

As promised, this is the third heartbeat. Every six weeks, I’ll send another update as I finish and release the first Postal Marines quartet by 3 November 2022. Progress Made. In January, I announced the Postal Marines relaunch. Since my last update, I finished Maltuseblan’s Gambit. All that remains are a few TODO …
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Heartbeat: February 2022 Third Book Almost Complete!

Postal Marines Needs You. Just picture an old guy in a top had pointing a finger at you. Would you help make this a success? I am looking for a few of my US-based insiders who will read the early draft and provide feedback. Not only will you get a free sneak peek, but I will mention your contribution in the book. All I ask is …
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Heartbeat: January 2022 A New Year

This article is my first attempt to provide structured periodic updates. Basecamp’s Heartbeat method provides updates across the company and inspires me to do the same. I scheduled updates on my calendar set for every sixth Thursday. As I write this, the first snow of the season falls outside my window. The idea of the Postal …
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Hiatus A Pause or Gap in a Series

There is a two-year gap between the prior post and this one. Not that I have written nothing, but that none of it was useful. I took a break from the Postal Marine series, and tinkered with an Alternate History series. After putting myself into an editorial death spiral with Postal Marines, I thought shifting to a new series was …
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Years of Audible, 2017-19

It has been a while since I updated what I’ve been listening to on Audible. To make up for lost time I will share what I listened to since 2016. As I built the list, I could remember where I was when listening to specific books. For example, the Phoenix Project through Toyota Way were when we were in an apartment in the …

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Finding Inspiration

I was told once to find a public figure to look up to and emulate. There are thousands of influential leaders, artists, musicians and philanthropists to choose from. I found one I could emulate. Anakin was a man who took all that life would throw at him, re-invented himself, succeed and remained humble.

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