A Year of Audible, 2014

I love to read, but I never have the time and energy to read nearly as much as I would like. Last year I broke down and started using Audible. Here’s the result.

Before Audible, I listened to books-on-CD from the library. The problem was my CDs were due long before I could finish them.

I started using Audible in late October 2013. I figured I would give it a month and give it up. I’m now starting my second year. I listened to the books while driving, which I do enough either on the daily commute or when I’m driving during work. The Bastard Tongue I listened to on a camping trip. It was a fun listen.

Below are the 23 titles I purchased in the past year through 31 December 2014. The bolded titles are those that I completed, and a few I gave up on at some point, which are struck-through. (There are a few other titles, but I opted to redact them.) I completed 188.3 hours in material, and am omitting from the count partial listens that I dropped.

  1. Team of Rivals (41.5h)
  2. JFK, Conservative
  3. Just Listen
  4. 1812 The Navy’s War (18.8h)
  5. Space Magic
  6. Divine Conspiracy (18h)
  7. The Man Who Saved the Union, U.S. Grant in War & Peace (27.h)
  8. John Paul Jones (13.3h)
  9. Difficult Men (10.3h)
  10. George Washington’s Secret Six (5.8h)
  11. Our Magnificent Bastard Tongue (5.4h)
  12. Use of Weapons
  13. C.S. Lewis - A Life (13.8h)
  14. You Mean I’m Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy? (2h)
  15. The Insurgents
  16. America
  17. The God Delusion
  18. Catastrophe 1914 (25.6h)
  19. God is the Gospel
  20. Steve Jobs (Finished in 2015)
  21. Executive Presence (6.8h)
  22. Emotional Intelligence 2.0
  23. Bonhoeffer: Paster, Martyr, Prophet, Spy (Current) (Finished in 2015)

I tend to read a lot of biographies. I’ve been particularly interested in U.S. presidents and notable generals. My interest in early U.S. history (American Revolution, War of 1812) is noted. There’s only one novel in the list (Use of Weapons by the late Iain M. Banks).

Plan for 2015? I throughly enjoyed the listening through the year. I should try to finish a few of the titles above before I go buying new. Although, I have two credits. I’m using the one credit plan, though I obviously took advantage of a few sales where the credits were at a lower price. Perhaps I’ll add a few more fiction works. It would be neat to listen to the entire Narnia series (26 hours total).