Ben Wilson

Jonaldy Ammonett

The Postal Marine Series is set nearly two millenia in the future. When I conceived of the series, I wanted to recognize that human nature is immutable regardless of time. The Invisible Hand still operates. The Postal Marines are there to try to manage it a bit. As I am editing Luctation, I wanted to chat a bit about the main character: Jonaldy Ammonett.

In an earlier article, I mention the [Maltu┼Łeblon]({%post_url 2015-01-31-the-maltusheblon-directive %}), one of the most secretive organizations in the Core. This organization thinks it is the Invisible Hand, while in reality it is more like the hand slipping into your pocket looking for loose change. Admiral Bence in Bellicose was a senior member, though not a capo. In Lucatation, we are introduced to Jonaldy Ammonett, a low-ranked somewhat inept operative.

There are some parallels between the two books. Both reveal the earlier careers of young men. Bophendze had to overcome legitimate incompetence, and did so only with Smee. Jonaldy is competent, he just lacks confidence. Through the story, other characters give it to him. He is otherwise a very cautious, and eventually very manipulative man.

We run into Jonaldy again in Scintilla. There, we see him at the height of his ruthlessness. For now, we’ll just have to enjoy the fact that all the great men of society were once little boys wondering how they were going to find their way in a big world.