A Year of Audible, 2015

When recently meeting new people, I was asked how things were going. I mentioned one of my current odd hobbies, which surprised the individuals. One of my friends, however, just chuckled and said, “that’s just Ben. Always learning something new.” Audible is one of my tools for continual learning. So, I thought I would share a selection of titles this year.


In 2014 I purchased 23 titles (see [my Audible 2014 experience]({%post_url 2014-11-28-a-year-of-audible %})) and completed 188.3 hours of listening. I purchased 21 titles in 2015, completed 15 titles totaling 198.3 hours. I have 16 titles that I would like to listen to that total 199 hours. Therefore, I could go a year without buying another audible title and clear my library.

Books Purchased in 2015

Below are the 21 titles I purchased in the past year through 30 November 2015. The bolded titles are those that I completed. There are three I did not start, and a few I gave up on at some point, which are struck-through.

  1. Red Team (Current)
  2. Great Lecture Series: History’s Great Military Blunders (Current)
  3. Team of Teams, Instaread. This is a 30 minute summary of a 12 hour book.
  4. blink (7h)
  5. Spirit of the Disciplines (10.7h)
  6. Great Courses: Writing Great Fiction
  7. Prayer, Tim Keller (9h)
  8. Spellbound (Grimnoir Chronicles, 2) (16.4h)
  9. Hard Magic (Grimnoir Chronicles, 1) (16h)
  10. Great Courses: The Long 19th Century (18.5h)
  11. The Three Laws of Performance (6.2h)
  12. I don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist
  13. Culture Making: Recovering our Creative Calling
  14. Finding Truth
  15. Quiet (10.7h)
  16. The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. I completed 16 of 57 hours. It’s a bummer read.
  17. The Skeptic’s Guide to American History (12h)
  18. Creativity, Inc. (12.8h)
  19. Threat Vector (Not Started)
  20. The Long March (Not Started)
  21. Institutes of Christian Religion (Not Started)

My 2014 Audible goal was to listen to more fiction, which I sort of managed by listening to the Grimnoir series.

Books Finished from 2014

There were 11 of 23 books from 2014 that were not completed. Three were finished in 2015

  • Use of Weapons (13.5h)
  • Steve Jobs (25h)
  • Bonhoeffer: Paster, Martyr, Prophet, Spy (22h)

I also re-listened to Divine Conspriacy (18h).

Goals for 2016

At this point, I have a total of 50 titles, 44 listed. Of those, I have completed 27. There are five that I will not bother with. That leaves 16 that I need to finish, totaling 199 hours. I suppose I could go through more material, but my commute is short.

  1. Red Team (11h)
  2. History’s Great Military Blunders (12h)
  3. Writing Great Fiction (12h)
  4. Rise & Fall (41h remain)
  5. The Insurrents (15h)
  6. Space Magic (8h)
  7. God is the Gospel (6)
  8. Institutes of Christian Religion (67h)
  9. Long March (9h)
  10. Threat Vector (18h)