A Year of Audible, 2016

I started audible because I thought I would have a long enough commute to listen to a lot of audio books. This past spring, my commute got longer. This is reflected in the higher completion rate of last year. I listened to 234 hours this year, 165 of those from books purchased this year, and 68 from the previous year. I typically listen at about twice narration speed, so actual listening time is closer to 140 hours. Since narrators target 125 words per minute, I consumed about 1.8 million words.

Books Purchased in 2016

Below are the 27 titles I purchased in the past year through 30 November 2016, and a few from previous years that I worked on. The bolded titles are those that I completed. There are some I did not start or finish and are not counted regardless of how complete. There are a few I gave up on at some point, which are struck-through. There are other books that I returned and are not on this list.

  1. The Spirit of the Disciplines
  2. Red Team
  3. Team of Teams 12.1h. The short book apparently wasn’t enough.
  4. Art of Public Speaking 6.3h
  5. Pitch Anything 6.2h
  6. Leningrad 15h. On my 2017 reading plan
  7. Absolute Surrender 3.7h
  8. Wars of the Roses 15.1h, partially complete.
  9. Million Dollar Outlines 7.1h
  10. Multiply 8.9h
  11. How Great Science Fiction Works 12.5h
  12. Your First 1000 Copies 3h
  13. Fierce Patriot: The Tangled Lives of William Tecumseh Sherman 15.1h. To understand one man, you need to understand his friends. I have more respect for both Grant and Sherman now I’ve heard Sherman’s life.
  14. Enchantment 4.8h
  15. The First 90 Days 8h
  16. Good Strategy / Bad Strategy 11.8h.
  17. Cost of Discipleship 9h. I look forward to chatting with Dietrich one day, but he’s a tough listen.
  18. Little Black Book of Invention 6.1h
  19. Plato’s Republic 12.2h
  20. Holy Bible 72.9h. I had a high aspiration to listen to the entire Bible with rapidity. Unfortunately, Plato got the better of me.
  21. Sprint How to take an idea to prototype in a week to support an MVP
  22. Faith of Christopher Hitchens 6.1h. An interesting narrative told by a Christian about one of the Four Horsemen. For all of his failings, Hitchens despised hypocrisy most of all and would turn on an atheist hypocrite to defend a sincere Christian.
  23. Seveneves I gave up on this as the author openly advocates eugenics. I listened to 22.1h.
  24. The Story of Medieval England 19.1h
  25. World of Byzantium 12.2h Fascinating opening to more study into East Europe and that the Ottomans believed they were the legitimate successors of Rome.
  26. Daring Greatly There’s a bit too much psychobabble in this, but the core of the story is to be comfortable operating outside your comfort zone and failing. That is where growth is.
  27. Digital to the Core
  28. Never Split the Difference 8.1h

Books Finished from Previous Years

  1. Red Team (11h)
  2. History’s Great Military Blunders (12h)
  3. Writing Great Fiction (12h)
  4. The Insurgents (15h)
  5. Threat Vector (18h)

2016 Goal Unmet

  1. Rise & Fall (41h remain)
  2. Space Magic (8h)
  3. God is the Gospel (6h)
  4. Institutes of Christian Religion (67h)
  5. Long March (9h)

Rise & Fall is a tough listen. I did start listening to Institutes and really liked what I was hearing. I gave up on Long March.

2017 Goals

  1. Institutes of Christian Religion
  2. Holy Bible
  3. Leningrad
  4. The Spirit of the Disciplines
  5. Divine Conspiracy (I listen to this annually)