Great Blog Reset

Tape Recorder Counter by Thomas Breher is licensed under CC0
Ben Wilson 2 minutes

I started blogging in 1997. In the nearly quarter century of writing, I have cleared my articles and restarted a few times. Either I was no longer pleased with what I was writing, I got bored, or what-have-you.

Today markes the latest Great Blog Reset. Fifty-two blog posts written over the past decade were quietly moved somewhere else. I was not happy with the overall message they told. Fifty-two sounds like ten posts a year. I was not that regular. There were long pauses when life got in the way. I had a friend comment that it says “you need to write more.” Maybe he’s right.

I wrote what came to mind. I wrote about things I cared about. I had a category called “bad advice.” Not because the advice is bad, but because I think unsolicited advice is bad on principle. I shared the flotsam and jetsam of my writing journey. There was some humor. What I lacked was consistency. I want to change that.

As one of my readers, I want you to enjoy what I share. I do not want to flood your inbox with daily posts. I want to send routine messages to you that you find entertaining or helpful. I want them to fit with what I want to share as an author. There are a few gems in those 52 posts. I’ve culled out those that have not aged well.

Thank you for joining me in this reset.