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Bad Advice

How to Beat Stress

Stress consumes modern life. We seek to manage it in a myriad of ways. We read self-help books, do exercises, and go to conferences. Yet, the best way to manage stress was communicated nearly two-thousand years ago.

A Decade of Decadent Shaving

After reading a “modern razor” advertising disguised as a blog post, I realized I have had a decade of shaving the “old-fashioned way.” My shaving experience costs me about 45 cents per week including razor blades, shaving soap and after shave—saving $70-200 each year and enjoying an excellent shaving experience.

Dictate Your Book

As an author, I’m always looking for opportunities to improve my writing productivity. I recently had a chance to read a book entitled Million Dollar Productivity. That provided a lot of good advice about how to improve writing productivity and production rate so that you can get to a much more effective so you can enjoy a much more effective writing career.

Quiet Rituals of a Negligibly Successful Writer

An article on quiet rituals of successful people made me think of my own efforts at successful writing.

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