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Postal Marines Series

Jonaldy Ammonett

The Postal Marine Series is set nearly two millenia in the future. When I conceived of the series, I wanted to recognize that human nature is immutable regardless of time. The Invisible Hand still operates. The Postal Marines are there to try to manage it a bit. As I am editing Luctation, I wanted to chat a bit about the main character: Jonaldy Ammonett.

The Maltuŝeblon Directive

In Bellicose you meet Admiral Bence, an individual who seems completely out of his element. That’s because he is not an admiral, but a member of the Maltuŝeblon.

Inspiration for the Postal Marines

It’s time to share some backstory on how Danel Bophendze was able to join the Postal Marines at sixteen.

Finished Bellicose Draft
I started Bellicose in 2012, after two other projects were stalled. I slowly worked my way to completion in 2013. After committing to only 500 words per day, I completed the draft on 21 January. You can see my writing progress as I continue. My next step is to pick up the Luctation draft and work it through to completion.
Work in Progress: Bellicose

I’m finally in pre-production for Bellicose, the first of the Postal Marine Series. Last Fall, I published Scintilla, which was always meant to be the fourth of a series of five novels. I quickly plotted the second novel Luctation, a novel portraying Jonaldy, Scintilla’s villain as the hero. After grinding out 20,000 words, I felt that something wasn’t quite right. Since then, I’ve been wrestling over how to proceed.

When Friends Take a Turn for the Worse

Have you ever known somebody who turned out to be somebody else? Come to rely on that person, that go-to person, only to find out he had feet of clay? Sometimes that friend was never your friend, they were just setting you up for their advantage. I’m going to talk about a friend who did not betray me, but he let me down because I thought he was better than that. I’ll call him Daniel for anonymity. This is his true story.

A Little About the Core Series

It took me a while to regain my momentum, but Scintilla has gone through its revision. Scintilla is a Sci-Fi novel about three cultures in collision. On one hand, you have the mighty Core. You also have the backwater world of Kopio, with its aristocrats and peasants. Its fundamental question is about freedom.

After Action Review on Scintilla's First Draft

Just about every writer’s resources says to take time away from your writing project after the first draft. It’s like spending an intense amount of time with a loved one, then abstaining for a while to make sure you’re objective about the relationship. Or, whatever. How long is open to interpretation, but I figure four to six weeks for myself.

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