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Years of Audible, 2017-19

It has been a while since I updated what I’ve been listening to on Audible. To make up for lost time I will share what I listened to since 2016. As I built the list, I could remember where I was when listening to specific books. For example, the Phoenix Project through Toyota Way were when we were in an apartment in the Summer of 2017 transitioning between our homes. I remember listening to Elon Musk while mowing cleaning the old backyard in Spring 2017. (The book lists are all reverse chronological order.)

A Year of Audible, 2016

I started audible because I thought I would have a long enough commute to listen to a lot of audio books. This past spring, my commute got longer. This is reflected in the higher completion rate of last year. I listened to 234 hours this year, 165 of those from books purchased this year, and 68 from the previous year. I typically listen at about twice narration speed, so actual listening time is closer to 140 hours. Since narrators target 125 words per minute, I consumed about 1.8 million words.

A Year of Audible, 2015

When recently meeting new people, I was asked how things were going. I mentioned one of my current odd hobbies, which surprised the individuals. One of my friends, however, just chuckled and said, “that’s just Ben. Always learning something new.” Audible is one of my tools for continual learning. So, I thought I would share a selection of titles this year.

A Year of Audible, 2014

I love to read, but I never have the time and energy to read nearly as much as I would like. Last year I broke down and started using Audible. Here’s the result.

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