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Analyzing Spectre

As I did with [Skyfall]({%post_url 2012-12-15-skyfall-plot-analysis %}), I wanted to offer a few story observations on Spectre. I hope to avoid spoilers, but in case I fail, consider yourself warned. Again we see sophisticated storytelling with a clear moral theme.

Review: Guide to Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction

Like any aspiring author, I’ve read more than my fair share of books on writing. After reading Guide to Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction, I thought it was worth a review. Since the book is nearly six years old, I doubt this review will cause a significant sales bump. As a good primer, it encourages referencing to other works. It’s worth picking up. Sorry the review is overly long.

Skyfall Plot Analysis

I saw Skyfall not long after it opened. Then I read some reviews. One reviewer commented that the villain did not show up until the mid-point in the story, “which was a gutsy move.” Having studied a fair-amount of story plotting, I think the reviewer got it wrong because he wasn’t paying attention to the story. In fiction, the character who undergoes the most change is the hero, the one who causes the change is the antagonist. The plot is the main aspect of the work, the “story” is the emotional part of the work, which is the area where the change happens. (Warning, Plot Spoiler Below.)

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