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GitHub to Work with Your Beta Readers

Continuing the conversation on using GitHub as an author, one possible use of GitHub is to collaborate with your beta readers. I’ll expand this topic to the more general use of GitHub for issue and task management.

Automating Scrivener: GitHub Commit

Inspired by Jamie Rubin’s article on Scrivener & GitHub, I have fully moved my toolchain to Scrivener, while still using a private Git repository. I wanted to write a brief series on what I’ve done to convert my old process, or to automate certain housekeeping tasks. This is the first in the series, which shares a simple process for pushing commits of a Scrivener project to GitHub.

Going Back to Scrivener
When it comes to the right tool, I am a nomad. I have tried paper, wikis, Evernote, etc. It’s quite a bit disjointed. Ultimately, my mind has been the central repository for all things. When I suggest a tool to peers who are writing, I invariably recommend Scrivener to them, adding that I’m too cool for it myself. When it comes to Scrivener, I have my reservations. It doesn’t give me the control that I want at the point of production.
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