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Going Back to Scrivener
When it comes to the right tool, I am a nomad. I have tried paper, wikis, Evernote, etc. It’s quite a bit disjointed. Ultimately, my mind has been the central repository for all things. When I suggest a tool to peers who are writing, I invariably recommend Scrivener to them, adding that I’m too cool for it myself. When it comes to Scrivener, I have my reservations. It doesn’t give me the control that I want at the point of production.
Quiet Rituals of a Negligibly Successful Writer

An article on quiet rituals of successful people made me think of my own efforts at successful writing.

Here Be Dragons, Dictating

October is National Disability Awareness Month, so I’m a little early with this article. But I wanted to share a bit about how I was able to use an assistive technology to fix a decade-old plot problem.

My Toolchain Using Bookmaker

Now that I’m drafing my fourth novel, I wanted to share a bit about my toolchain. That is, the process by which I document the novel and publish it.

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