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Cleaning my Closet

As an author, there are days where it is difficult to write. If you’ve been reading the blog, you will see for me there are many more days where “writing is too hard” and I do other things. I’m slowly grinding through the Luctation rewrite, and hit a bit of a wall with a subplot that needs content. Rather than face the need to create, I turned to “comfort food” of managing the business of writing. After all, I am a project manager by trade. The problem is I have a nasty habit of keeping everything in my mind.

When Friends Take a Turn for the Worse

Have you ever known somebody who turned out to be somebody else? Come to rely on that person, that go-to person, only to find out he had feet of clay? Sometimes that friend was never your friend, they were just setting you up for their advantage. I’m going to talk about a friend who did not betray me, but he let me down because I thought he was better than that. I’ll call him Daniel for anonymity. This is his true story.

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